Play, Work and Football

The game of football is both physically and mentally challenging and sometimes there are injuries that can affect ones health to the max. During the past couple years there has been outrageous amount of concussions that changed football. There was probably the same amount of concussions back then, but they were not documented and treated. Recently there has been a tragedy in the football world that has affected many people. Kosta Karageorge was an Ohio State football player that played on the defensive line.

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His main job as a defensive lineman is to plug the holes and attack the quarterback. With this being said, his position is one of the most physically and mentally demanding on the field. The constant use of there heads to push through holes and hit offensive lineman as hard as they can is extremely hard on the body. Kosta has suffered a couple concussions throughout his career which has lead him to be very confused with a lot of things in his life. His mother states in an article on USA Today, “he has had concussions and spells of confusion, an earlier police report said. She said he texted a message Wednesday citing the concussions and saying he was sorry if he was “an embarrassment” (Gleeson and Mihoces). His parents knew of the constant ware and tear of their sons body, just like most parents of football players come to the realization that the sport their son is playing is tremendously hard on his body.

This relates to the concept of play that we talked about in both lecture and in discussions. Is football play or is it more than that? Athletes are putting their health on the line to play the game that they love. It is extremely hard to understand how a game that is so stressful on the body is considered to be play. In Bernard Suits “Dealth of the Grasshopper” he states, “Firstly, evidently i was put on earth just to play out my life and die and it would be impious of me to go against my destiny. That is, if you like, the theology of the case. But second, there is also a logic of the case which is as inescapable as fate or, if you like, a fate that at present one dies if one does not work” (Suits, 3). This example is perfect for this blog due to the balance of both play and work. The question that lies here is, is football play, work or both. In my opinion, football should be equal between play and work. Athletes in the NFL go to work everyday to make a living for themselves and their family, where is the play in that? There needs to be some sort of way to let athletes find the fun and love they had for the game when they were younger.

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Karageorge apologized for being “an embarrassment” to his family and friends, showing that the amount of pressure of school, athletics, family and friends is hard to fully handle. Karageorge was found in a dumpster last week with a gun, showing that it was a self inflicted death. To takes ones life is one thing, but to apparently be caused by multiple concussions during football is another. Although the NFL and all off football has put rules and regulations in place to help stop the amount of concussions, there still needs to be more done. This can not be happening to athletes that are just trying to play the game that they love the most.

One thought on “Play, Work and Football

  1. First off I wanted to address how tragic of a situation that must be for the family and friends of Kosta. To see a game, that you allowed him to play, perhaps cause his mental illness and eventual passing; I cannot imagine the emotions and tragedy that the parents of Kosta are facing. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

    With that said, I believe that this issue is certainly an important one for people to embrace. Where is the line between play and killing? Football is a major reason why Kosta is no longer in this world, and that is something that I find extremely repulsive. While I agree with your relation to class topics with the grasshopper and his stories, I think you could have drawn from Huizinga and his play circle as well. Along with that I think some more insight into the troubles and recent regulations passed by the NFL in relation to deaths of Junior Seau and the like would provide the reader more to grasp.


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