Is it Worth It To Cheat?



Cheating happens. It happens on test, on homework, on humans and in sports. In the history of sports in America we have seen far too many times, teams or athletes trying to cheat in order to win or get a better advantage. So the question is, are we conforming to the fact that cheating happens and we can’t stop it or are we individualistic and are trying to end cheating in sports?

If you looked back into time our sports history is riddled with scandals. Each of these scandals occurred mainly because someone told someone else to do something. Sports scandals date back to the early 1900’s. In 1919 we had the famous “Black Sox’s” scandal, where eight men lost the World Series in exchange for money. We see one man being lured into a lucrative deal and in turn getting his teammates to conform with him and lose games for money. Jump forward 68 years and you come across another infamous scandal, the SMU Death Penalty. This scandals draws along the lines of players receiving benefits not sanctioned by the NCAA. Again, here is a scenario where you see one individual receiving cash on the side and everyone else wants to get in on it, conforming to what they think is ok, instead of being individualistic and paving your own path through your life.

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What I am trying to get at is that when you cheat you get caught. In both these cases the punishment was severe. The eight players of the Black Sox’s all went to jail and were fined large amounts of money and in the SMU case they received the worst punishment you could hand a school, banned from football for a whole year. Hobbes writes, “The notion of right and wrong, justice and injustice have there no place.” in other words, the only way to enforce no cheating in sports is to have a harsh punishment. I think the question that the NCAA and other major organizations need to ask themselves is, would you rather be feared or loved? Sure, you could let a few violations slide by but in the end that will always come back to bit you in the ass. you have to deal with the situation when it happens not a week or years down the road like in the Penn State scandal. They tried to hide everything and it came back to haunt them.

Is it worth it to cheat? Absolutely not. Athletes in todays world have too much riding for them too cheat, but you still in the news people trying to sneak around. I am sure some people are wondering, well if no one finds out is it still ok? Nothing stays a secret forever, its best to come forward sooner than later or you’ll see yourself front page of the New York Times.

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One thought on “Is it Worth It To Cheat?

  1. I totally agree with your point that cheating should not be allowed in any case even though people conform to thinking that “some people cheat but they did not get caught’. I think everyone should have an individualistic mind to filter what is right and what is wrong. Cheating may not get you caught right at that moment, but there is a great possibility the truth will come in the future. However, some athletes do not get caught when they cheat. For example, an american tennis Legend Andre Agassi was crystal meth during his professional career but people did not find out.


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