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Marketing throughout sports is a major reason why people watch different games. The entertainment part of sports is enhanced by how marketers portray certain sporting events. More people are going to watch an event if there are advertisements about that event that grasp the viewers attention. I was able to attend a couple sporting events that gave me an idea on how the different sports get their viewers. I went to the Maryland versus Northwestern Big Ten Championship game at the new facility in Ann Arbor. Although the new Phyllis Ocker field is beautiful and top of the line, the event did not have the attendance that it needed. There were a couple people talking about the game earlier that day but that was the only time I heard about it. The Big Ten Tournament is an extremely big deal that those women on each team work year round for that one weekend. I believe that there needs to be a certain amount of advertisement for the events to get people to come to the games. Locke states, “Men being, as has been said, by nature, all free, equal, and independent, no one can be put out of this estate, and subjected to the political power of another, without his own consent” (Locke 95). Locke talks about in his book, that men need to be treated fairly, which relates to men and women. The difference between field hockey and men’s hockey is the race of the player. The two sports need to be advertised the same so they can have similar fan basis. Field hockey is not a revenue sport, which causes the sport to have less interest due to the lack of marketing that is shown. While I was at the game, there were not many people and not the best fan interaction. The parents of the players were the main percentage of people that attended the game.

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The second sporting event that I attended was the Men’s Hockey game versusPenn State. This game went back and forth the whole game but Penn State came out victorious. The game was packed with students, families, fans and spectators. All these people were so interested and cheered for the team that they wanted to win. The Michigan fans gave an electric feel to the arena and helped the players play their best. Knowing from experience, when the fans have your back and are extremely interested in the game, it is easier to play your best. The game was advertised on television, online and throughout the campus. So many people knew about the game and wanted to attend to be apart of the electric crowd. Host Arena, home of the Michigan Wolverines is known to be the number one hockey experience in the nation. The fans are the best in the nation and they get involved in the game, which allows the players to have an extra boost during the games. The amount of marketing of the multiple games that Michigan hockey play is outrageous. Many people are paid to get fans to the arena. Hockey is a revenue sport, which allows many people to work for them and build interest for the games.Featured image

These two sporting events have many similarities but the main difference is the fact that they do not get equally advertised. Both the sports are extremely interesting and have qualities that allow different viewers to like different things. The field hockey events need to be advertised more because they very exciting and people really enjoy watching the games. Locke and Hobbes talk about the equality of men and women. There writings compare to this topic because men and women should be treated similar, especially when it comes to a simple task as advertising.


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  1. As the other posters have said, it is true – College athletics are founded upon values that are derived from revenue intake. The University of Michigan which already has to put up with low revenue sports such as Women’s field hockey because of regulations like Title IX, it would not be in the best interest of a top flight academic/athletic institution to put Marketing funding into low revenue sports because simply people do not care. Chief Marketing Officer of the Athletic Department Hunter Lochmann would reiterate the same sentiment being addressed in these comments. While the department does do many gender based marketing, I believe Hunter and others involved would find your post insightful as I believe they do need to do a better job at targeting specific genders for cross related sports (i.e. Women to Hockey, and Men to Women’s lacrosse).

    The connections you make about Burke and Hobbes are well noted, but I think you could have done a little better job explaining the purpose of gender marketing. All in all it was a very thought provoking post.


  2. As Zach stated, the University isn’t going to spend marketing dollars on sports that won’t make them money. It’s a sad but simple fact. I would also state that almost everybody chooses to watch various games and sports due to the fact that they enjoy it, not because they saw something on TV or the internet. Many people believe that Womens field hockey just isn’t as entertaining as Mens Hockey. I asked my friend while writing this post why he goes to hockey games and not womens field hockey games and he replied, “Would you rather go watch a high school girls basketball game or a high school mens basketball game?”. I started thinking and this is a perfect example because there is no advertising in high school but people still choose to go watch men play.
    I will agree that the environment that fans can produce can be unexplainable. I’ve always been a huge sports fan, but was never really into hockey. I love going to basketball and football games but never seemed to really enjoy watching hockey (probably because it was one of the sports I never played). Last year I went to my first hockey game and it was crazy. The atmosphere in the students section was enough for me to love going. You mentioned that maybe more people would go to womens games if they had a student section like the hockey team does. I’m not sure if this is possible because you need a solid number of diehard fans to start it. I’m not quite sure if womens field hockey has that.



  3. HWenson,

    Overall, a solid blog post. I think that you should have introduced that the first sporting event was woman’s field hockey. Secondly, why would Michigan use their money and advertise field hockey if not many people are interested in going? They can focus on the main revenue sports and use their marketing for those sports. However, I do understand what you are saying in regards to the difference between men and woman, but I think you should have more explicitly stated that gender plays a role in this marketing. Overall, I think you did a good job comparing the two events.



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