The Resignation of Dave Brandon

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The University of Michigan is one of the top Universities both in academics and athletics. This causes the University to be under constant pressure to be the best and continuously getting better. Dave Brandon has recently resigned due to these hardships and many more. Hobbes states, “And from this diffidence of one another, there is no way for any man to secure himself, so reasonable, as anticipation; that is, by force, or wiles, to master the persons of all men he can, so long, till he see no other power great enough to endanger him” (Hobbes 2). No matter what Dave Brandon did for the University, his job was in jeopordy the moment he took it. I know from first hand that Dave Brandon should not of been forced to resign because of the many things that he has done for the University of Michigan.

Critics have bashed on Dave Brandon because of some decisions that he has made, which included raising ticket prices, lack of presence around campus, and not supporting his athletes. The opinions that non-athletes and critics have on Dave Brandon are not true and it is sad that he had to go in such a critical time in Michigan athletic history. A petition that was made by a student at the University shows multiple things that Dave Brandon did wrong but they are wrong. A part of the petition states, “Instead of adding to the image and prestige of the university, the state of the athletic department has hurt the connection shared between alumni, fans, and the university” (Kilani). This statement proves to all the athletes and coaches at the University that the person that wrote the petition does not fully know what he is talking about. The problem is that many people that signed the petition are just going along with the social norm. Dave Brandon is the definition of a true Michigan man and is a role model for so many people in the work force. He has led our sports programs to new heights although the decline of the football team. There is a new renovation coming to South Campus that is priced at 200 million dollars and counting. This is only one example that shows the resiliency of Dave Brandon to make Michigan the best athletic program in the country.

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The student ticket prices for students are obviously to high and I agree with the students on that one. Although they are high, I do see the meaning in having them that way. The money that Dave Brandon was raising with the ticket prices was generating program opportunities for student athletes. Hobbes states, “He that performeth first in the case of a contract, is said to MERIT that which he is to receive by the performance of the other; and he hath it as due” (Hobbes 8). The thing that angers most student athletes is the way that Dave Brandon had to resign. He was forced due to the opinions of people that do not have anything to do with the athletic program. The quote agrees with my opinion of Dave Brandon because he did not do anything to forcibly resign.

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A major controversy that many people had with Dave Brandon and the football team is how they handled the situation with Shane Morris and his concussion. Dave Brandon followed protocol by hiring someone to be on the sideline to make sure that never happened again. The people in the media spoke extremely soon and never gave Dave Brandon the opportunity to set new standards, which he did.

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  1. Although Dave Brandon did a lot of things correct and incorrect, I believe it was the way he handled the incorrect things that lead to the hate that people had towards him. The emails that Brandon had supposedly sent out to angry fans keep into light a couple weeks ago. These are the reason fans hate him, not because he focuses too much money on football but because he does not treat the simple, working class fans with respect.


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